Milan Stefanelli, MQE Class of 2022

MQE student Milan Stefanelli graduated from Penn State Behrend with a bachelor’s in mathematics, with a minor in information systems and statistics. His previous coursework and internship experience taught him the importance of analytic skills in the industry. Milan has had an interest in analytics since his senior year of high school and is excited to begin his Masters in Quantitative Economics. 

Q: What makes Pitt’s MQE program more special than others?

A: “Other programs I considered were very limited to one career. Pitt’s MQE program offered flexibility in my future plans. MQE also emphasized the importance of communicating- even to non-technical audiences- and that skill is found in every data-centered job.”

Q: How do you think Pitt’s MQE program will help you achieve your future goals?

A: “I see myself working in banking or investments analyzing risk. Specifically, I chose Pitt’s MQE program because I have experience with mathematical modeling and computer programming, and I wanted to complement that background with economic theory and intuition. At Pitt’s MQE, I can strengthen a variety of my skills- including communication and professionalism- which are necessary to my field.”

Q: What are you most interested to learn about in the MQE program?

A: “I’m most excited for my economics classes; Global Economics and Finance, Evidence based Analysis in Labor, and Public and Health Economics. Pairing advanced economics with my technical background and being able to apply that in my capstone will be a great hands-on way to implement what I’ve learned.”

Milan Stefanelli is looking forward to developing and perfecting the skills necessary in the financial sector. Communication, professionalism, and analyzation are all skills the MQE program will help Milan achieve expertise in for his future endeavors.