Kofi Mensah, MQE Class of 2022

Kofi Mensah, MQE StudentAs an incoming graduate student, Kofi Mensah is excited to further his education with Pitt’s MQE graduate program. Kofi studied economics at the University of Ghana, where he excelled in working as a Teaching Assistant. Recently, Kofi worked as a Professional Accountant with the Assurance Department of Ernst and Young.

Q: Why was Pitt’s MQE Program your top choice in education?

A: Pitt’s MQE program was my number one choice in graduate programs because of its importance in career-orientation. The MQE program emphasizes current, real-world situations with data analytics, which will in turn prepare me for finding a career.

Q: What makes Pitt’s MQE program special?

A: One unique aspect of Pitt’s MQE program is its personability. I was happy that the class sizes are smaller. It makes an intimate environment where you can really get to know your professors and make valuable connections.

Kofi writes, “I have learned the enduring values of being a person of integrity, having the courage to lead, and working with a team. Employers cherish these values.” Kofi plans to put these skills to work in his MQE program education, where he looks forward to improving his critical thinking and analyzation skills.