MQE Student Stories

  Megan Kveragas, MQE Class of 2023
Megan Kveragas is a 2023 Master of Quantitative Economics (MQE) student. Read her spotlight to learn more about her and why she chose the MQE program and her career aspirations she hopes to achieve through this program here! 

Yuxi Zhou, MQE Class of 2022

Yuxi Zhou attained a Bachelors in Economics with a Statistics minor at the University of Tennessee. During her final year of undergraduate study, Yuxi preformed independent research, focusing on the impact of mortality in the aftermath of the 1918 Influenza pandemic on economic outcomes of later decades. Yuxi’s technical skills in data application allows her to analyze and solve social problems. She is passionate about making the world a better place and aspires to dedicate her skills to helping the community. Learn more about Yuxi's experience in the MQE program hereKofi Mensah, MQE Student

Kofi Mensah, MQE Class of 2022

Kofi Mensah studied economics at the University of Ghana, where he excelled in working as a Teaching Assistant. Recently, Kofi worked as a Professional Accountant with the Assurance Department of Ernst and Young. Learn more about Kofi's experience in the MQE program here.

Milan Stefanelli, MQE Class of 2022

Milan Stefanelli graduated from Penn State Behrend with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics with minors in information systems and statistics. His coursework and internship experience helped him determine the importance of having analytical expertise in industry. He is looking forward to developing his MQE toolkit to begin a rewarding career in the financial sector. Learn more about Milan's experience in the MQE program here.