Liam Flood

Liam Flood is natively from Jamison, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Pitt in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Science with Minors in Applied Statistics and Economics.  He then went on to the MQE the following year. After the MQE, he started working at Cobbs Creek Healthcare. 

Q: How has the MQE Program provided you with the skills needed to succeed in your current position as a Junior Data Analyst at Cobbs Creek Healthcare?
A: The MQE's curriculum gave me the ability to use the technical and theoretical fundamentals behind my work, to critically think about the business implications of my work, and to effectively communicate my results.

Q: What did you love learning about the most during your time in the MQE program?
A: I loved applying everything we learned on real world data in both the capstone project and Dr. Walsh's course.

Q: How did you implement skills from the MQE Program into your Capstone Project?
A: The ability to build, tune, and interpret regression models were the driving force in my capstone project.

Q: How did the MQE program help prepare you for real-world job/career experience?
A: I was able to give a compelling story about my capstone experience in order to get job offers, and the experience gave me a great foundational experience in real world analytics.