Gayatri Pai, MQE Alumni 2021

Gayatri Pai, a 2021 MQE Alumni, graduated from Pitt with a major in economics and a minor in computer science. She currently works at a consulting firm as a data scientist. Not only has her experience with MQE taught her valuable skills in communication, but the MQE program helped her better connect with real world issues.

Q: How has the MQE program helped you achieve success after graduating?

A: The MQE Program gave me the opportunity to apply my technical skills to a real-world problem- the housing affordability situation in the United States. It’s been an incredibly valuable experience in terms of teamwork and exploring new areas of data visualization. The program gave me the tools I needed to become more resourceful, which I need to constantly build on in my field.

Q: What was the most rewarding aspect of the MQE Program?

A: My favorite part about this program was the machine learning course. This class allowed us to put all of our skills together- including coding, data visualization, and summarizing our results all while exploring outside the boundaries of economics.

Gayatri looks forward to how much she will be learning in the coming years, using the valuable skillsets that the MQE program taught her to achieve her dream career.