The Importance of Diversity in the MQE

The Master of Science in Quantitative Economics (MQE) program at the University of Pittsburgh recognizes the importance of diversity in economics as a whole and in this university program in particular, and is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in all its forms.  The MQE program actively strives to not only appeal to prospective students from all over the world and all walks of life, but also to actively support and mentor students when they arrive here (and beyond).  For students whose backgrounds are underrepresented in Economics, we actively identify and make mentorship connections with MQE alumni and industry professionals among current students in the cohort. They benefit from the additional support and perspectives of those who work in industry or those who also have gone through the program directly.  We also work closely with groups here at Pitt, like the Undergraduate Economic Society and Women in Economics, to reach the broadest group of prospective students and connect with them about further education in Ecconomics and building a career in the field.

At MQE, this commitment to diversity means attracting top students from a wide range of races, cultures, countries, gender identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and academic experiences.  It means a holistic admissions review process that looks at the whole of an applicant's experiences and perspectives, without requiring standardized tests or relying on a limited set of pre-requisites and cut-offs.  It means support throughout the program and throughout an MQE alum's professional career.  And at its core means honest reflection and actions against the biases within the field of Economics and the structures that have worked against representation of certain groups in the first place.

Read more about the commitment to diversity here and at the University, as well as resources available to our students.  For questions or concerns, please feel free to connect with MQE Program Managers Stasia Lopez and Brian Deutsch at

Diversity at the Kenneth P. Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

The Dietrich School is a vibrant community of learners, strengthened by the broad range of perspectives, experiences, and interests that makes us unique.  

Global Connections

The MQE takes pride in its international students, as we learn as much from as they do from us. We also know how hard it is to study in the US as an international student, and we have collected resources and connections to help make this process easier.  The MQE team is available for one-on-one help and advising for your questions and concerns.  

Student Life

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