MQE-MPA Joint Degree

Data analytics has rapidly established itself as a core competency across virtually all facets of society. This is particularly true in the policy space, where practitioners and advocates alike have adopted a new-found focus on “evidence-based” approaches. Data analytics are at the core of these approaches and drive demand for students who understand both policy and analytics.

At Pitt, you can pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously through the joint Master of Quantitative Economics/Master of Public Administration program between the Department of Economics and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. This streamlined, 2 ½ years joint degree program is built for students seeking training in public policy, public administration, and data analytics.  It is ideally suited for students looking to enter mid-career positions as policy/data analysts in both the public and private sectors. 

Students complete all of the typical requirements for the MQE program. Students will also complete all the required GSPIA MPA coursework, except for 3 quantitative courses whose content is replaced by the quantitative training in the MQE classes. Joint degree students also have the number of required MPA elective courses reduced by one relative to the normal MPA degree. Finally, joint degree students will be able to choose whether to do their capstone project through the MQE program or through the MPA program.

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