Career Services

MQE Career Services prepares students with workplace readiness skills, exposes them to careers and professionals in diverse industries in the public or private sector, helps them to manage their job search and career path, and supports them in developing their professional networks.

MQE graduates are eligible for Optional Practical Training, an employment opportunity available to eligible F-1 students. 

For organizations and professionals interested in the MQE Partner Program and employee recruitment, please contact 



Career Advising

Students can meet regularly with Stasia Lopez, Career Faculty Instructor through weekly office hours and by appointment. Email Stasia at to schedule an appointment. Pitt's Career Center is also an added resource to help you reach your career goals. 

Capstone Projects

Organizations submit real-world problems for students who work in groups, under the supervision of faculty mentors, to analyze and provide data-driven solutions and strategies.

Career Chats and Coaching

Professionals discuss their career path and the value of specific workplace readiness skills. Students will have an opportunity to network with them and learn more about their organization. Professionals support students in attaining their professional goals through participation in resume reviews, mock interviews, and negotiations, and shared expectations of the first days on a new job.

Career Chats from Fall 2020 with MQE Advisory Board Members, Pamela Peele and Andy Hannah.

MQE Connects

Professionals meet with individual students for an informational interview and flash-mentoring opportunity through curated connections based upon industry and professional interests.

MQE Mentor comments:

  • "Students were very well prepared for informational interviews and asked really good questions. It was interesting to hear from them about their career goals and what they liked about the program."
  • "I enjoyed speaking to the students and selfishly generating a network of potential hires."
  • "I enjoyed helping inspire folks and give practical insights and information." 

MQE Student comments: 

  • "Everyone involved helped to make it a very low-stress experience." 
  • "I enjoyed how enthusiastic my mentors were. They gave me good feedback, and were very engaged with the conversation."
  • "The communication was very open and honest."

Projects and Internships

Organizations gain valuable support by providing short-term assignments for students to gain real-world experience and the opportunity to work with an experienced professional while scouting for potential employees.