City of PGH - Optimizing Waste Collection

Team: Liam Flood, Mary Kate Minnick, and Milan Stefanelli

Combatting climate change has been an imperative initiative in the public service industry this century. In 2016, the City of Pittsburgh deployed the Victor Stanley Relay™  smart waste management system to improve the efficiency of the waste collection process. This deployment included over 1,200 “smart” litter receptacles that have embedded sensors to measure how full the containers are to expedite the waste collection process and allocate resources towards other public works projects.  

The team is tasked with optimizing the placement of the smart cans by targeting high demand neighborhoods in Pittsburgh using geospatial data, receptacle performance data thus far, and city regulations. The team will utilize their economic theory and analysis skills to further the city of Pittsburgh’s Climate Action Plan 3.0 by delivering actionable insights to the smart litter can problem.