Capstone - CGI

Develop an approach to creating a graph database of relationships between clients of PNC Bank.

Students: Adam Duvall, Jacob Humble, Charles Tyler, Jiayi Zhang

PNC Bank values being able to optimize how it interacts with clients by developing an approach to collecting and summarizing data on the relationships between its clients. For example, it is relevant for PNC’s business dealings with the Washington Post and Amazon to recognize that there is a link between these organizations (ownership by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos). Clients of PNC are linked in many different ways, which can matter for the types of products or terms PNC wants to offer individual clients. The capstone team was tasked with finding a way to identify linkages between all businesses in two sectors – health and real estate – in several large markets. The team used some creative approaches and coding to assemble a dataset on thousands of businesses and then used Python to create record linkages between businesses in a given sector. The deliverables to CGI included a final data visualization with network graphs that summarize the number and types of linkages, and also an approach that can be scaled to other sectors and markets. PDF Presentation. 

Client Review by Sundeep Tangiaral, Director Expert- Data and AI, CGI

  • How did the MQE students meet the demands of your project? Students understood the problem quickly and were able to follow the aggressive timeline for the expected outcome. 
  • What was the most satisfying professional exchange that you had with the MQE students? Problem walkthroughs and periodic reviews and course correction.
  • What is unique about the MQE program and its training of future innovators in economics and data science? Bridging the gap from learning economics but applying them to the problems with data science.