Capstone - Allegheny County

Estimate the economic costs of child maltreatment/fatalities in Allegheny County.

Students: Alyssa McHoes, Patricia McMahon, Max Thompson

Allegheny County was interested in having an estimate of this cost, to inform efforts to obtain funding for programs to prevent child maltreatment. The team-based the estimation on key papers in the literature that have provided national estimates, adapting the methodology as needed to reflect the specific datasets available for Allegheny County. The project required the team to develop the methodology, request needed data from the County, and use a range of skills to assemble and combine the various data sources, including techniques such as propensity score matching. The project required the team to make transparent their methodology and assumptions, so that the County could understand and replicate the analysis. The resulting estimates show a staggering financial cost of child maltreatment and make a strong case for funding to help prevent maltreatment. PDF Presentation