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Department of Economics

Open House

The Department of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh ranks among the top 40 economics departments in the United States, and houses an innovative and successful faculty.

The Department of Economics offers one of the largest majors at the University of Pittsburgh and has a vibrant research community with more than 60 graduate students working towards their Ph.D. in economics. Faculty and graduate students explore fields in all areas of economics: applied microeconomics, economic theory, macroeconomics, econometrics, international economics and experimental economics. Our department is excited to welcome a new group of MQE students into our robust community.

MQE Faculty

Stefania Albanesi, Ph.D., Macroeconomics, Inequality, and Governmental Policies

Claire Duquennois, Ph.D., Developmental, Labor and Behavioral Economics

Andreas Ferrara, Ph.D, Economic History and Labor Economics

David Huffman, Ph.D., Experimental and Behavioral Economics

Chair, Department of Economics

Marily Nixon, J.D., Environmental Law and Social Justice

Luca Rigotti, Ph.D., Microeconomic Theory and Uncertainty

Kevin Shaver, Ph.D., Applied Microeconomics

Richard Van Weelden, Ph.D., Game Theory, Political Economy

Randall Walsh, Ph.D., Race, Urban and Environmental Economics

MQE Director 

Alistair Wilson, Ph.D., Experimental Economics